Friday, December 09, 2011

Umno assembly ‘an insult’ to Malays

UMNO has shown not just the rakyat but also the whole world how low class its delegates are.


By Walla

In much the same way the Auditor-General’s report has nuked Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s feel-good annual Budget 2012, the Umno general assembly 2011 has completely nuked and debunked Umno’s standing before the eyes and ears of all sensible, moderate, thinking and upstanding rakyat of the country.

We all know why Umno was shocked by the results of the last general election. It had been overweeningly confident that each race would only vote for its own party.

Doesn’t that mindset reflect racism in the first place? And what actually happened?

The rakyat voted for other races.

The Umno general assembly 2011 was spewing nonsense and hatred bereft of intelligence, integrity and standard. It was an insult to the Malays.

If anything, Umno has shown not only our rakyat but also the whole world how low class its delegates are.

Just wait for another set of WikiLeaks to reinforce the conclusion.

Here we have the extremely well-fed and well-dressed talking nonsense and expecting the rakyat to agree with them just because they are on stage punching their fists, putting on their false show, and creating yet another bogeyman to channel attention away from their corruption and abuse of power that continue to form the bulwark of issues that is destroying the future of the young.

Just think of it – 3,000 empty-headed and self-deluded hyenas and jokers wanting to run this country of 28 million for another five years in the same way they have been running it into the ground all the past years.

They are asking to be trusted and supported again so that they can whip up another spin while ripping off the rakyat who will have to settle for an economy with a RM400-over-billion debt that will grow unabated because in (Prime Minister) Najib Tun Razak’s calculations, (British economist John Maynard) Keynes couldn’t imagine the rapaciousness and gross stupidity of an animal called Umno.

Why weren’t there any questions?

Why didn’t a single Umno delegate tell Najib that politics is not a game, so how can he talk about game-changer?

And if, in responding to his call to Umno leaders to “do the right thing” by resigning as unwinnable candidates, they were to tell him “you first, show the way”, will his answer be any different from that by (former premier Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) in the 22 years he had messed up the institutions while holding on to his seat and spinning about “Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah”?

Why didn’t a single Umno delegate ask (Deputy Prime Minister) Muhyiddin (Yassin) whether (de facto Law Minister) Nazri (Aziz) would have labelled his speech “racist” eight times and call for his immediate censure in Parliament?

And if he cannot answer that, why didn’t a single Umno delegate ask Muhyiddin about (the late Information Minister) Mohamed Rahmat’s exposure that Mahathir’s cronies tried to acquire villagers land at 80 sen psf so that they could re-sell at 1,780 sen (RM17.80) psf for the Second Link in Johor?

Why didn’t a single Umno delegate ask Nazri whether he agrees with the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) saying that the lawyers’ march to Parliament was illegal when the lawyers are the ones defining what is legal for the police?

Why didn’t a single Umno delegate ask (Women, Family and Community Development Minister) Shahrizat (Abdul Jalil) how she can wear the tudung and look pious comforting women, but evade an explanation on how her family can get such a large grant out of the rakyat’s pocket so that they can spend on condos, land, limousine and trips?

Isn’t that revealing too much of the real standard operating procedure of Umno – all for one, but one for money, power, privileges and double standard?

Add diamonds, Hermes bags, cars, lusty travels overseas and what not, and you can say it will be easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle en route to heaven.

The frivolities of this recent circus show revealed in no uncertain terms how Umno has been destroying this country. They’re not leaders. They’re zombies stoned on reckless power-mongering and double standard.

This excerpt originally appeared in sakmongkolak47′s blog.

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