Tuesday, March 18, 2008



The Malaysian Economic Agenda

KeADILan’s Malaysian Economic Agenda is committed to the upliftment and betterment of the poor and marginalized Malays, Chinese and Indians, Ibans and Kadazans. We have always stated that under our leadership the interests of the Malays will be protected and we remain committed to building a new system that is more just, more equitable and that ensures no one is left behind irrespective of race or religion.

We plan to implement new mechanisms to channel economic aid to the vast numbers of petty traders and small businessmen in Malay communities and ensure that educational opportunities, microcredit financing schemes, social and welfare services and other forms of economic relief are made available to the Malays.

I believe all Malaysians including the Malays are pleased with the mandate that was given to KeADILan on March 8th and they look forward to a government that is more accountable, fights corruption and delivers on its promises to promote economic growth and reduce poverty in all segments of society.

I am therefore deeply concerned with the attempt being made by certain elements to stoke the flames of racial hatred in the aftermath of the March 8th Malaysian elections. We have reason to believe that this vicious campaign is being orchestrated by a small number of very wealthy Malays and UMNO leaders who are themselves guilty of squandering and abusing the NEP to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of the general public. These people are now using the UMNO and government controlled media to incite fears among the Malays and deflect attention away from their electoral defeat and from UMNO’s historic failures to address the needs of all Malaysians including the poor and marginalised Malays.

I ask my fellow Malaysians to reject the desperate attempts by some UMNO members to salvage the remnants of a broken party by pandering to people’s fears and sowing divisions and disunity among the people of our nation.

We must remain united in support of a New Dawn for Malaysia.


Below is the new Cabinet Line-Up announced by the Prime Minister at noon today which was carried live nationwide.

Prime Minister:Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Deputy Prime Minister: Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak

Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department:
Minister: Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok
Minister: Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
Minister: (Sen) Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim
Minister: (Sen) Datuk Amirsham Abdul Aziz
Minister: Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz

Deputy Ministers Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department:
Deputy Minister: Datuk Johari Baharum
Deputy Minister: (Sen) Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim
Deputy Minister: S.K. Devamany
Deputy Minister: Datuk Hasan Malek

Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry
Minister: Datuk Mustapa Mohamed
Deputy: Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim

Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts & Heritage
Minister: Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal
Deputy: Teng Boon Soon

Ministry of Defence
Minister: Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak
Deputy: Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop

Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs
Minister: Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad
Deputy: Jelaing Mersat

Ministry of Education
Minister: Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein
Deputy: Datuk Wee Ka Siong
Deputy: Datuk Razali Ismail

Ministry of Energy, Water & Communications
Minister: Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor
Deputy: Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum

Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development
Minister: Datuk Noh Omar
Deputy: Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah

Ministry of Federal Territories
Minister: Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique
Deputy: Datuk M. Saravanan

Ministry of Finance
Minister: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Minister: Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
Deputy: Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah
Deputy: Datuk Kong Cho Ha

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister: Datuk Seri Rais Yatim
Deputy: Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar

Ministry of Health
Minister: Datuk Liow Tiong Lai
Deputy: Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad

Ministry of Higher Education
Minister: Datuk Khaled Nordin
Deputy: Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung
Deputy: Datuk Idris Haron

Ministry Housing & Local Government
Minister: Datuk Ong Ka Chuan
Deputy: Datuk Robert Lau
Deputy: Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin

Ministry of Human Resources
Minister: Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam
Deputy: Datuk Noraini Ahmad

Ministry of Information
Minister: Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek
Deputy: Datuk Tan Lian Hoe

Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs
Minister: Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Syed Jaafar Albar
Deputy: Datuk Chor Chee Heung
Deputy: (Sen) Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh

Ministry of International Trade & Industry
Minister: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
Deputy: Datuk Liew Vui Keong
Deputy: Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan

Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment
Minister: Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas
Deputy: Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Ghapur Salleh

Ministry of Plantation Industries & Commodities
Minister: Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui
Deputy: (Sen) A. Kohilan Pillay

Ministry of Rural & Regional Development
Minister: Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib
Deputy: Tan Sri Joseph Kurup
Deputy: Joseph Entulu Belaun

Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovations
Minister: Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili
Deputy: Datuk Fadillah Yusof

Ministry of Tourism
Minister: Datuk Azalina Othman Said
Deputy: Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib

Ministry of Transport
Minister: Datuk Ong Tee Keat
Deputy: Datuk Anifah Aman

Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development
Minister: Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen
Deputy: Senator Noriah Kasnon

Ministry of Works
Minister: Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed
Deputy: Datuk Yong Khoon Seng

Ministry of Youth & Sports
Minister: Ismail Sabri Yaakob
Deputy: Wee Jeck Seng

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bohong and Bodoh! Nazri shouted "Stupid!" at Kit Siang

Gelagat Wakil Rakyat Malaysia di Parlimen

Anwar Ibrahim in Bagan

At Bagan which is located on the mainland, around 3,000 people thronged a car park to attend ceramah which was also joined by both Anwar and Guan Eng.

In the midst of a downpour, the small covered makeshift stage almost collapsed when Anwar got on it, as a number of people were already taking shelter there from the heavy rain.

To applause from the crowd, Anwar said he was there as he supports Lim to be the next Bagan Member of Parliament. His ceramah topics covered the rising petrol price to corruption by the powers-that-be.