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The million-ringgit KJ poser that no one cares about: Umno has wasted its last chance

Written by Mathias Gomes, Malaysia Chronicle

I was hanging around Putra World Center the last few days just to get a glimpse of our Umno ultra Malays who came from all parts of the country, although an Umno man in KL is just like an Umno man from Terengganu. Only difference might be, they speak a bit differently but the mannerism, arrogance, and dressing is almost the same. You can spot an Umno man from a distance.

Many of them could be seen hanging around Starbucks, McDonalds, Pan Pacific's, and Sunway Putra Hotel Lounge with their silk shirts, smart phones and ipads. Out of curiosity I sat a bit close to a group at Starbucks, and heard them talking. Nothing to shout about it was just the ususal coffee-corner talk.

The 'one-million' dollar question

Then suddenly, one smart alec brought out the topic of Khairy Jamaluddin, the controversial Youth chief. Immediately, I was all ears, "macam mana bro chief ada chance tak untuk bertanding pilihanraya nanti?"

In reply, one straight-faced guy said "Zero man! Tengok lah macam mana Don sudah support Najib 100%, takan lah Najib nak kecewekan dia."

Here I was confused who is the Don, then it dawned on me who else but former premier Mahathir Mohamad. Yes, just a few days ago he was indirectly hammering Prime Minister Najib Razak and then just a day ago he was all praises for Najib.

So from their tone, I guessed they were confirming among themselves that Najib might have struck a deal with Mahathir. These guys were definitely from Pemuda Umno.

Must be able to offer what the people want

But deal or no deal, I don't care who Umno puts on the pedestal. It will not matter to me or the electorate because we cannot support a corrupted and racist government like BN and Umno, and the just concluded Umno General Assembly is proof of it. Right from the Umno president down to all the delegates who took the stand, almost all spewed comments that were purely racist in sentiment and intent.

What are we to expect from them in the future? How will they reform the country when they can't reform themselves, no way! The good life they have enjoyed so far, mostly from ill-gotten gains, is just too good to lose. Why should they reform when they feel it is their birth right to rule? Even when it is proven there are many corrupt people among their ranks with scandals that would make ordinary people squirm and vomit, they would not care. Why bother with what the 'rakyat' or people want when they are needed only once in five years?

The rakyat to them are stupid people who will fall for measly crumbs thrown to them. To them the rakyat is a tool to manipulate according to their whims and fancies. Take the great 1Malaysia plan for example, when we heard the originator Najib speak in the Assembly, did he remember his own call for inclusiveness, which is the core of 1 Malaysia, in his speech?

This was the controversial policy that Najib initiated through APCO. The proverb "When in Rome do as the Romans do" is now what Najib is practising. If he is with a Chinese or Indian crowd, it is 1Malaysia throughout his speech. But with a Malay crowd, he becomes a clown. Was he not behaving like a clown when he was venting his anger on Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in his speech?

No doublespeak, please

In this aspect, Muhiyiddin is better. At least he sticks honestly to his roots" I'm Malay first and Malaysian second" and this allows us to conclude our stand against him. There is no place for a racist PM in Malaysia, this is a multiracial country and the constitution stipulates it. But neither is there room for a hypocritical and deceitful PM in Malaysia who says one thing today and U-turns the next day.

Did at any one time, the Umno leaders or delegates who represent the 3 million-odd membership talk of how they are going to change and reform so that they will be a better and healthier party for the people, especially the Malays? The answer was NO! All they did was give utmost attention to Anwar and DAP-bashing.

The fear of Pakatan has got them all feverish and in hallucination mode, so much so they do not know what they were blabbering about. Why bash the Chinese and DAP? Are they basing the Chinese because DAP is Chinese-based?

Between MCA-Chinese, Gerakan-Chinese and DAP-Chinese

If they dislike the Chinese so much, why do they want to collaborate with the Chinese from MCA and Gerakan, or are the Chinese in MCA and Gerakan from a different planet. Perhaps these are 'acceptable' Chinese or 1Malaysia Chinese or as some say Ali-Baba Chinese, is that it?

This is the burning question the leaders in Umno have failed in making clear to the Malays, especially the ordinary folk who do not understand why the need for this segregation. Why does Umno accept MCA and Gerakan Chinese but reject DAP Chinese?

As the largest ruling party, Umno has a responsiblity to the people - from the Dayaks in Sarawak to the Kadazan in Sabah, the Negrito-Jakun in Cameron Highlands and the Punjabi from Port Klang not to mention all the other races.

All are Malaysians. When you start to bash one race then you are a racist. There is simply no place for a racist in this world, only your own backyard will accept you.

Umno has already lost the hearts and minds of the people

Umno has to all intents and purposes already lost big time even before the GE-13 is called. Even the Malays are forsaking it. The Umno AGM will go down on record as being the ' straw that broke the camel's back '.

They had all the opportunity to let the rakyat know that they will reform for a better Malaysia. Yet, they chose otherwise and thereby lost the hearts and minds of the people. The public has seen through Umno's batik curtain - and it is weak and unintelligent.

Would the people gamble their future and those of their children on this batch of Umno leaders - weak, pampered, greedy and racist as they are?

Malaysia Chronicle

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