Sunday, October 19, 2008

I really scold Pak Lah This Time

Writtenbyhim - Dr.Siddiq Blog

11.15 p.m last night, the defending world heavyweight champion Pak Lah has knocked out Tun M outside of the ring, after shutting himself quiet for a very long period of time. Pak Lah just can’t hold it anymore, and hit Mahathir’s chest, which was believed to had cause many problem and threats to his family and cronies.

He (Abdullah) lambasted Tun M for all foul words he gave in his blog, which I may regard that as a freedom of speech. He accused Tun M for not having any locus standi to speak for the sake of the party, since he is no longer in the party of UMNO. He was the President of UMNO for almost 23 years.

For God sake Pak Lah, he quits UMNO because of you. Because of he is losing confidence towards you, so do other Malaysian. But you just don’t get it.

He quits UMNO in good faith, to force you to stepdown from your throne. He did all this, is only to sign the people that you are not good, and it is for good that you are not good. He wanted to show to the people that he has committed a very big sin, since he appointed you to be his successor 5 years ago.

But last night match, reflect a very huge embarrassment to you and your family. You said that “I will be ready to go when my work is done, ‘’ - what is that homework basically? could you please disclose the public on what is your work? I see nothing in this 5 years. But I’ve seen a lot of works done by Tun M in his 22 years of legacy and yet you tell this person to shut his mouth and stop talking about UMNO?

Dearest Pak Lah. Show some respect to your “sir”. At least, a couple of salute to this statesman. He built this country. What have you done to claim your title over here? I support Gerakan’s motion to pick you as the “father of democracy”. Yeah right. Did you know that people are laughing at you day by day and everynight they enjoyed? Did you know that they disgust you everytime they fill up the fuel at the petrol station? Did you know that they use your face at the newspaper to wrap nasi lemak without having any feelings? Did you know that they ask their children to switch off the TV everytime they see you broadcasting live?

Did you know all that? You are the most poor Prime Minister Malaysia ever have. So please, speak with right tone in right place. I am strongly agree with Tun M’s statement that we should proceed with the election by the end of this year. Why wait until March next year? To tell the future generation that you are able to stand the heat up to a year since march 2008?

You got the democracy title because you let the democracy growth very nice and kindly. You caused the massive defeat to the BN over the last couple of months, and raised up many things uncontrolled. Thanks to you Pak Lah, for all racial disharmony and political instability. Thanks to you, we are now better living. Thanks to you, the people now show disrespect over other races, and yes! They made it to top, discussing sensitive issues, forcing the abolishment of the laws and constitution, and dishonour the Royalty. Thanks to you Pak Lah, the father of democracy!

What a pathetic Prime Minister!

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