Friday, February 29, 2008

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - The honeymoon is over Pak Lah

In the last General Election 2004, the ruling party won by a landslide as the citizens were expecting changes that were promised them.

However, given the last 4 years, not only there have not been any changes, the condition of the country has become worse. We witnessed hostility of the law enforcer who should be protecting us. We saw the hike of crime rate and people are fearful to leave their own home. We saw how leaders brazenly abuse their power to enrich themselves and their cronies. We saw incompetent personalities being appointed to hold key positions in the country which have become a disgrace. We saw our judiciary being manipulated and racial sentiment issues used to divide and rule this country. If we are still adamant about changing this government, we are indeed committing suicide.

After being entrusted with power over the last 50 years, politicians in the ruling party have become complacent and over time turn arrogance. As such, remarks like ‘close one eye’, keris waving, insulting other minority ethic groups and name calling no longer appear insulting or offensive. If we continue to mandate such personalities as our representatives and allow them to remain in power, THIS COUNTRY WILL BE IN A DEEP SHIT. Indeed, we have so little respect of ourselves that we continue to inflict unnecessary torture unto ourselves.

REMEMBER !, YOU, the Rakyat is The Boss. It is time we prove to them, we are indeed The BOSS. Enough is Enough. Vote BN out of Power or at least deny them 2/3 majority. United, we Citizen of Malaysia - we can do it. From now on we take care of our future and our destiny, NOT Barisan National politician. We are 'The Boss' we dictates the terms, not them.

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