Sunday, January 27, 2008


PM's approval rating plunges 10 percent-point to all-time low of 61%; Chinese most pessimistic over economic outlook 2008.

The approval rating of the Prime Minister has plunged 10 percent-point, from 71% to 61% quarter-on-quarter as at Q4 2007.

This is also the all-time low in the PM's approval rating since he took over the office from Dr Mahathir Mohamad. As at December 2007, Abdullah's rating among the Malays, Chinese and Indians has dropped by 8%, 5% and 41%, respectively.

Three key issues that worried the poll respondents, reflecting the general sentiments of the populace, are Price hikes and inflation (20%), Ethnic issues & Inequallity (17%), and Crime & Public Safety (12%).

On economic outlook for 2008, confidence in the Abdullah Administration in running the economy remains high among the Malays, but very, very low among Chinese.

The poll indicates that the Malays are the most positive with 53% expressing optimism. However, only 19% of Chinese are optimistic, while 43% of Indians show their optimism.

The poll was conducted from December 14 through 19 -- notably after the November 10 BERSIH Rally and the November 25 Hindraf Rally -- on a sampling size of 1,026, with the subjects being registered voters aged above 21 years old. They were selected based on random stratafied sampling method, along the lines of state of residence, ethnicity, gender and age.

You may download the executive summary of the poll results here.

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